Issues with downloading


I’m in the process of getting back into using Juce, and noticed that since I last used it, the library has changed a bit. I see now that every module is separated into different directories (very nice idea, by the way), and simple projects can be configured and created for different development environments with Introjucer.

I seem to have some issues getting this to work though. Introjucer initially downloads the source just fine, but upon closing the modules box (that allows you to check for updates), I am immediately given an error message - “Unless you create a local JUCE folder containing some modules, you’ll be unable to save any projects correctly! Use the option in the ‘Tools’ menu to set this up!”

If I ignore this and attempt to make a new project, I am again confronted with the message, and can not proceed forward. If I go in the tools menu as it suggests and choose the Juce folder, it tells me it is not a Juce folder, and will not let me re-download to that directory.

Any ideas? I know I could manually configure everything, but I figured with this being a prebuilt copy of Introjucer, that such an issue might affect others.

This is on Windows XP and Windows 7.