Busses and sends

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What would be the appropriate approach to implement a bussing system like ProTools ?

By default, PT creates 12 stereo busses, and each track can freely send to theses busses.
This allows “summing” of multiple audio sources on a bus. Then you simply assign a bus as the input of an AUX track.

Could I simply create 12 “hidden” audio tracks (the busses), and allow the user to set them as the input of an AUX track ?

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Yeah, it’s best to use Waveform to see how you’d do this.
You basically use pairs of AuxSendPlugin/AuxReturnPlugins to create your busses. You can put the returns on hidden tracks if you want those as the aux track’s and then add a send plugin to each track that sends to each of the busses.

You just set the busNumber to determine which bus they send to.

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