How create send tracks?

How can I create a send track in tracktion engine and route there singals from Audio Tracks, I’ve just seen that there is an AuxPlugin, but I don’t understand how use it…

There is an Aux Send and an Aux Return plugin. Put the send one track and the return plugin on multiple tracks and set the same bus for both plugins?

Do you have a copy of Waveform 10? I find it quite handy to prototype my signal flow in the DAW, then look at the generated XML and then try and recreate in my App.

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Not Actually, but I’ll buy it, last thing, it works also if in track I don’t set the input source? And there’s a limit of bus channels?

really Thank you!

There is a limit of 32 buses. But it looks like that limit is only used in the UI. If you manually set the bus number, you can use as many as you want.

There is a 30 day free trial. You can keep using it after 30 days, but it’ll play a noise every 30 seconds or so.

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but in code I see this: enum { maxNumBusses = 32 };
it doesn’t matter?

It’s only used in the function AuxSendPlugin::getBusNames which is used by the UI to display a menu. The actual number is unlimited.