Bypass parameter, Ableton Live 11 MacOS, VST3

First of all, I have worked bypass parameter using redefined getBypassParameter in my processor and AudioParameterBool with the listener to wait when it will be changed by the DAW(aka host).

Everything works in Ableton Live 11 under MacOS for AU plugin but for VST3 not. I’m debugging step by step all plugin initializing path and everything should work.

Bypass parameter registered and needed flag assigned (Vst::ParameterInfo::kIsBypass) but when in Ableton I disable VST3 plugin I didn’t get notification about bypass parameter(AudioParameterBool) change. Why?
Ableton on MacOS not supports it?

Any thoughts?

I’ve tested REAPER, Live, Cubase 11, and the VST3PluginTestHost provided by Steinberg, all on macOS.

In my tests, it looks like only Cubase and the VST3PluginTestHost update the bypass parameter when the bypass button is pressed on the UI. Neither Live nor REAPER seem to send a parameter update to the plugin when adjusting the bypass parameter, so my guess is that they’re implementing bypass in some other way.


Thank you very much for so descriptive answer