Reaper: VST3 Plugin offers TWO Bypass parameters

Hey guys,

I haven’t willingly added a Bypass parameter to my plugin (yet).

When building it as VST2 and loading it into Reaper, it offers a Bypass parameter which I can also automate, and whose value is reflected in the little checkmark on the track’s FX list (see screenshot). This seems to be a native parameter which Reaper gives to all inserted plugins.

When building the plugin as VST3, however, suddenly TWO separate Bypass parameters are offered! One of them seems to be the same native Bypass as before, while the new one appears to be specific to my plugin. It also displays it’s values as “On/Off” instead of “normal/bypassed” as in the case of the native Bypass.

Is this additional Bypass parameter some mandatory VST3 thing which JUCE is adding to my plugin in the wrapper?

Thanks in advance.


Yes. A VST3 has to have a bypass parameter, and REAPER also adds a bypass parameter.

You can get access to the VST3 bypass parameter using this

virtual AudioProcessorParameter* getBypassParameter() const        { return nullptr; }

method of AudioProcessor, where you can return your own parameter class.

Gotcha, thank you!

Bumping this topic. So how do we do to remove one of the bypass parameters ? Should I create a dummy bypass parameter for VST3 ? If I use getBypassParameter(), I still have two bypass parameters in the list of automation targets…

If you are specifically meaning Reaper, it’s probably one of those “live with it” kind of things.