C++ Audio Programmer in Japan seeking employment opportunities


(I do apologize if this job posting isn’t strictly JUCE related, but it was recommended by a number of people that I post on here.)


I’m a Kiwi living in Japan looking for work as an audio programmer that can be performed remotely (or from within Japan).

A little bit about me:
I’ve been working as a professional programmer for 9 years, and before that was Digital Studio Production Engineer for a number of years running my own studio.
While my work experience has covered a bit of everything, in the last few years I’ve been moving towards audio development - which was reason I decided to become a programmer to begin with.

I’ve worked on a number of audio projects up until now, including hardware drivers for a mobile credit card encryption device that communicates using analog audio, game sound engines, and generative music mobile apps. I’m currently building my own DAW with MIDI sequencer, multi zone polyphonic sampler, and subtractive synthesizer in C++, without the use of external libraries.

I’m also well versed with a number of audio frameworks, including Core Audio,OpenSLES, OpenAL, and PD/LibPD, and have extensive iOS development experience. While I have yet to use JUCE, I’m confident I could pick it up very quickly.
With my audio engineering background I have a good understanding of what is required of audio processing software, and hence its development, and a very keen ear for sonic detail.

I’m living in Japan and am looking for work that can be performed remotely within waking hours here. If you’re interesting in chatting more and seeing/hearing a portfolio of my work, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Many thanks,



FWIW, there are many companies in Japan who use JUCE: KORG, Pioneer, Crypton Media to name a few.


Thanks very much for the heads up, will check them out!


Hello I am looking for someone who is reliable and can create a vst plugin
It is hard to find someone I have no clue where to look lol


Happy to chat. We’ve got needs for a JUCE dev, but are happy to help train if you need. Email me directly: thomas@thomasgriff.in