C++ JUCE developer looking for a job in Berlin!

Dear Berlin,

I am a Dutch MSc. Computer Science graduate, with experience in:

OO-Design/Software Architecture/UI Design/Multi-modal interaction/HCI
Parallel Computing/OpenCL

I am currently situated in Brussels, and will be moving to Berlin in September. I am looking for a job in audio development starting from October. I have done three years of German education, but I am not a fluent speaker.

If you have a job offer, or would like me to apply for a position, please contact via PM or send an e-mail to:

Yours Sincerely,

Andreas Lo-A-Njoe


My name is Luigi, and I’m looking for someone like you to help us understanding the number of people and the time required to make an audio project since there is a potential investors who is willing to invest in the company.

Would you be interested? I only need to explain you the project and I just want to know from you how much would that cost to me and how long it would take.

What is your rate for this?

Have a nice day,