C++ Juce OSX and Windows

We are a startup looking for a JUCE C++ programmer for an initial short contract.


Our UI assets come from Figma/Zeplin in bitmap/svg and your main task will be integrating these assets into JUCE and making the UI interactive. Either by moving the sliders and knob assets to Juce objects (and other objects remaining as bitmap/slideshow), or if you have solid experience in REACT Native Juce integration we can consider that (but you’ll have to convince us based on your previous work that it’s rock-solid and simple to get up and running:).

Must have C++ and JUCE experience and understand how to structure code such that the UI function does not interfere with audio thread.

Experience with Boost C++ highly desired.

Remote work, or partial on site in Melbourne Australia if any applicant is from here.

Start in Jan 2022.

Please PM me to discuss.

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