Call for demos at the next audio developer meetup - Monday 1st of April

Are you working on a great audio related or JUCE project that you would like to show to the world? Any coding, audio or DSP related tips&tricks you would like to share? Then let me know as we will be hosting a series of short audio-related demos at the next audio developer meetup in London (1st of April). Demos can be between 5-15 minutes.


Hi @fabian!

I have a couple of questions, if you don’t mind!

  1. Are you only looking for projects that would be considered open source?
  2. Since that date is fast approaching, what would you consider to be a reasonable deadline to reach back out to you by?


Anything really.

On the day is fine. These are real just short demos and don’t have to be too polished. We did this before on one of the first meetups and it was a lot of fun.

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The meetup on Monday is cancelled as there is a parallel C++ event in the room next door which conflicts with the audio developer meetup. Sorry!

Next meetup will be on the 7th of May with Tracktion (@jules & @dave96) presenting their audio engine followed by a short demo by Mark Claydon on how interacting models of neurons can produce responsive rhythm and harmony. More info on this next week.


Any chance you could add the events to the and Skills Matter groups? I know some people are missing out on the events because they don’t regularly check this forum!

Yes the next events are always posted here:

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