THIS Wednesday: London Audio Developer Meet-up: SOUL


Our ninth London Audio Developer Meet-up will be held on Wednesday, the 9th of January at CodeNode, London.

@jules and @cesare (ROLI) will give an overview of the SOUL language and why we think it’s the future of audio. We’ll also show some example code and welcome discussion and feedback on the language and architecture of the project.

Julian Storer - Well I guess there is no need to introduce @jules, but here I go anyway: jules has been a C++ programmer since the early 1990s, working mainly in audio technology. He’s best-known for creating the Tracktion DAW and the C++ library JUCE, which has been used for over a decade in thousands of commercial and open-source audio products. Now with ROLI, he continues to work on JUCE as well as other ROLI products.

Cesare Ferrari - With over 25 years C++ software development experience, @cesare has worked in a wide range of industries, from safety critical systems through low latency trading to audio plugin development. He is currently working with Jules on the design and implementation of the SOUL programming language and runtime.

:pizza: There will be pizza :pizza:

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Will there be any kind of video recording of this session? Thanks.


Yes, the event will be recorded.


The registration page is now live: