Calls to the VST Host

Hi, I’m new to the forum. First let me say that JUCE has worked very well for me so far. I started with wxWidgets, and despite having a number of years of C++ experience under my belt, I had too much trouble getting it to compile for it to be worth my while. JUCE, on the other hand, compiles easily, is well documented, and offers a truly useful variety of services. Thanks, Jules.

I’ve finally encountered a problem with JUCE that I could use some help with. My plugin needs to call getDirectory(), a plug-to-host message in the VST API. The problem is that the JUCE filter class one must derive from (AudioFilterBase) is contained within, not derived from, the JUCE VST wrapper class that derives from AudioEffectX (JuceVstWrapper). There needs to be a way to give AudioFilterBase access to getDirectory() without making the audio plugin framework VST-specific. AudioFilterBase does contain a virtual class declaration meant for callbacks to the host (FilterNativeCallbacks), but it is extremely limited.

I’d develop a personal solution to this problem, but juce_VstWrapper.cpp admonishes users to avoid this. I might be missing something anyway. Any ideas?

Glad you’re enjoying juce!

In my plugins I use File::getSpecialLocation() to get the plugin’s location in a totally cross-platform way - which of course works for AUs and RTAS too.

Juce really is the best designed GUI in my opinion. I use wxWidgets for most things, but that is only because of the Juce license, if not for that, I would use Juce for most things.

Thanks again, Jules. That worked great.