Can anybody debug AU with Logic 10.6 / Big Sur Intel?

… or is just me:
When i try to attach the debugger to logic i get this error


Could not attach to pid : “3787”

Domain: IDEDebugSessionErrorDomain

Code: 3

Failure Reason: lost connection

User Info: {

DVTRadarComponentKey = 855031;

RawLLDBErrorMessage = "lost connection";



System Information

macOS Version 11.0.1 (Build 20B29)

Xcode 12.2 (17535) (Build 12B45b)

Timestamp: 2020-11-19T12:09:12+01:00

Still on Logic 10.5.1 here. That works fine to debug under Big Sur Intel.
Was planning to upgrade to Logic 10.6. But seems I should hold off? :-/

make a backup, and upgrade :wink:

Ok, I took the plunge and upgraded to 10.6.

And I am happy:
I can still debug my AU. Not getting your error message.

Thanks for your info! :slight_smile:

Could successfully run logic with the debugger, another developers neurotic copy protection killed logic when detecting the debugger (which is unnecessary!! and ineffective!! and stupid)