Can anybody debug au with logic 10.6 big sur ARM?

XCode 12 attaches to Logic, but no break point hit inside au plug.
Thank you for every hint.

We are also experiencing the problem, if I run Logic through Rosetta it works fine but when I am running it directly on ARM with the same plugins, I don’t hit any breakpoint.

Did you find a solution for it?

Logic on ARM runs plugins out-of-process. To debug plugins, you’ll need to attach to the AUHostingService process, rather than attaching to Logic.

By default, the system doesn’t allow attaching a debugger to this process. However, disabling System Integrity Protection on the machine should allow you to debug the process. Disabling SIP puts the system at greater risk, so you should only do this on machines that you don’t care about, and reenable SIP as soon as you’re finished debugging.


So all developers need to disable SIP now for each debugging?
What nonsense, I hope Apple will give us a solution soon.

Appreciate the help @reuk,

Has the name of this process changed? I’m using OS X Catalina 15.7 and Logic 10.6.2 and there is no AUHostingService running.
There are several processes, though…
and even AudioComponentRegistrar shows up.
but no AUHostingService

Any ideas how to proceed with this?
Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 11.17.36 PM

The above statement is relevant to big sur and Apple Silicon machines.

Previous macOS or Intel machines still use in-process plug-in loading. (at least upto Logic 10.6.3)

ah ok. Thanks for clarifying!