Working in AudioPluginHost, Not in Logic, Debugger Help

Hi all. I’ve been working on a plugin that reads from the side chain channel, performs some analysis on the incoming buffer, and does processing from there. This all works perfectly in the AudioPluginHost, and passes the auval fine/loads in logic, but seems to be unable to perform the analysis step within logic specifically. It works in AudioPluginHost with all different sample sizes as well as buffer sizes too.

Is there a way to set breakpoints within Xcode so that when I load my plugin within logic I can trigger them? I’ve tried messing with the scheme in Xcode to launch Logic but it never seems to trigger breakpoints/capture cout messages.

Not sure if this could have to do with the fact that I am using side chain audio? Although I have found that the audio seems to be loading in properly, just no processing is being done properly

Is this an Apple Silicon machine?
If so, feel free to complain to Apple.

Hoping it’ll escalate enough.

In the meantime, you can turn off SIP and attach to the AUHosting process.

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Yes, it is apple silicon.

I’ll try turning off SIP, but I’m also not sure if I’m doing this properly as Xcode debugging is new to me. I’ve been trying to set breakpoints, build the plugin for debug as an AU, then in my run scheme I specify logic to open. within logic, I then load up my plugin and try to use it. Should I be expecting it to reach breakpoints or am I totally backwards here?

Also, do you have any idea in a more general sense why a plugin would work in AudioPluginHost but not in logic (confirmed data is being read from buffers fine)? Is there some memory formatting difference that might effect processing?

Thanks so much