Can JUCE support touch event in WIN8 application?

I need develop application based on win7 or win8, so the application should support touch events. But I can't find the right API to support this. Can JUCE library add new API to support touch events on windows 7 and windows 8 platform? Or need I add the windows API and do it by ourselves? If someone know, please tell me, thank you very much.

It does support Windows touch events.. Are you using the latest version?

At present time, I know tap gesture will change to mouse click event. But I can't find the stretching and pinch gesture discription in JUCE API. How can I support these gesture? 

Ah - there's nothing to detect those (yet). You'd have to use your own code to recognise them.

Another problem. When I touch the touchable screen and drag it, the position of MouseEvent event will jump from one position to another. The log show as bellow. "e" present the MouseEvent passed in. Maybe this is a bug in juce mouseListener. If you know, please check it. thank you very much.

e.x:126 ;e.y:105 ==mapview.cpp==H2O::MapView::mouseDown
e.x:990;e.y:570  ==mapview.cpp==H2O::MapView::mouseDrag

Well, that's not what I'm seeing on my MS Surface.. There's a flag JUCE_DUMP_MOUSE_EVENTS which gives low-level debug about the events, maybe try looking at that?