Win 8.1 touch input: No call to mouseDown until dragging

Hello! I'm quite new to Juce but it felt like the right choice for my project which is a multi-touch application for Windows 8.1. My development computer is a Surface Pro 3. 

There's a problem with touch input, it seems that mouseDown is not called until I drag my finger, using a mouse it behaves as expected. I first thought that this was about recognizing long press gesture (as right click) so I disabled that in Windows but my problem still remains. 

So, any ideas on how to solve this issue? I certainly would like to have those events as soon as I put my fingers on the screen.



Well, juce won't add any delay - it just passes on the touch events as soon as they arrive. So presumably Windows is delaying sending them in order to detect gestures. No idea whether it's possible to make it change that behaviour, but if you do find any clues about it, please let me know!

el-visio, please check this:

Yes Windows OS waits for touch up or a drag to determine if the touch should be used as a mouseDown event.

Juce should not be using Windows to determine this. Juce should have it's own routines converting gestures into events. I suggested this over a year ago. 

See fix here: