Can somebody confirm the difference between arm64 and arm64e in the Projucer 6?

If I check either of them (in Apple DTK/ Apple Silicon) and also check x86_64, I seem to automatically get a universal binary. What’s the difference?

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Thanks for your reply! But unfortunately, that does not answer the question.

What is the difference in the context of macOS and Apple Silicon? It appears that maybe arm64e is the necessary architecture for Apple Silicon since that A12 chip is the chip currently used in the DTK I believe but, why do both compile into universal binaries? What kinds of Macs will natively run arm64 vs. arm64e? Should I check them both for universal binaries or just the latter?

oops, sorry… I did the old “read the post, but don’t pay enough attention” faux pas… :slight_smile:

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