Can Windows SDK APIs be mixed with JUCE?

Can Windows Core Audio APIs (WASAPI) be used within JUCE? The intention here is to make a regular audio sound card recognized as a WASAPI device.

So within your application you want to expose your soundcard as an enumerable/selectable WASAPI device, and then using the JUCE API open the WASAPI device using the AudioDeviceManager, then perform I/O in the AudioDeviceIOCallback?

Something like that if possible. But will use Windows APIs to set up the sound card and perform I/O, similar to the WinAudio example.
My understanding is as long as the AudioDeviceManager can recognize a sound card as a WASAPI device, the I/O should be automatic. Is that correct?

Yes, if the sound card is visible in the enumerated list of devices, then AudioDeviceManager can open it. Make sure you build JUCE with JUCE_WASAPI set to 1 of course.