Can you please add GL_POINT_SPRITE to juce_MissingGLDefinitions.h?

I’d like to use Point sprites and I can’t get the texture coords without it, I can add it myself easily but it is missing it seems… :slight_smile:

I’m on Windows 10 BTW, I don’t know if it’s missing from Mac ‘gl.h’

Somewhere in ‘juce_MissingGLDefinitions.h’ (line 98?) put:-

	GL_POINT_SPRITE                 = 0x8861,


Seems like the GL_POINT_SPRITE enum has been removed since 3.2 as it’s now the default:

That’s interesting as the UV’s(gl_PointCoord) don’t come through to the shader without it.
Thanks anyway.

I’m using version 4.6 with Windows…

"Have you tried glEnable(GL_POINT_SPRITE)? This flag doesn’t exist in the core profile (point sprites are always enabled), but it may be required in the compatibility profile. The 4.3 compatibility profile specification isn’t entirely clear on this; it says:

Point sprites are enabled or disabled by calling Enable or Disable with the symbolic constant POINT_SPRITE. The default state is for point sprites to be disabled. When point sprites are enabled, the state of the point antialiasing enable is ignored. In a deprecated context, point sprites are always enabled."

OK, I’ll get that added. Thanks.

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Thanks ed95, that’s great to hear.