cancelAnimation - how to get proxy component last position?

is there any smart way to get last position of proxy object after animation is canceled with:

For any help great thanks in advance.
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Somebody could ask why I need that.
I want to make animated ejecting of some component when user click the button.
But I need to provide some solution in case user click button second time while opening animation is still not finished. So I need cancel opening animation and start closing animation. But to make it smoothly I need last position of proxy component and I need to make my closing animation duration correspondingly shorter.

While duration I can measure with Time::getMillisecondCounter() so it’s ok. But I have no idea how to get last position of proxy component.

What about not using a proxy component and using the original one instead? With that you should be able to query the components position and start from there.

Yes you are right. Thank you Daniel. But I thought that while there is option to use proxy (I suppose for optimisation purposes) it is nice to use it, but it introduces issues which I described.