Cannot change var of of a processor?

I have those strings declared in public of my AudioProcessor (added as internal plugin in audioPluginHost juce project):

    String pluginName               = "";
    String pluginVersion            = "";
    String pluginFormat             = "";
    String pluginManufacturer       = "";
    String pluginCategory           = "";
    String pluginFileOrIdentifier   = "";

When I instantiate it and I get my processor I try to assign this var, but my program crashes giving me JUCE Message Thread (1): EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0xfffffffffffffff0) error near line 1036 of. atomic.h:

template<class _Tp>
/*1034*/_Tp __cxx_atomic_fetch_sub(__cxx_atomic_base_impl<_Tp> * __a, _Tp __delta, memory_order /*1035*/__order) _NOEXCEPT {
/*1036*/    return __c11_atomic_fetch_sub(&__a->__a_value, __delta, static_cast<__memory_order_underlying_t>(__order));

here where I try to assign it:

    if (AudioProcessorGraph::Node::Ptr node = graph.addNode (std::move (instance)))
            AudioProcessor* processor = node->getProcessor();
            if (!processor)
                AlertWindow::showMessageBoxAsync (MessageBoxIconType::WarningIcon,
                                                                TRANS("Couldn't find processor for node selected"),
                                                                "Couldn't find processor for node selected");
            if (ReplacerProcessor* replacerProcessor = ReplacerProcessor::tryGetReplacerProcessor(node))
                    replacerProcessor->pluginName               =;
                    replacerProcessor->pluginVersion            = description.pluginDescription.version;
                    replacerProcessor->pluginFormat             = description.pluginDescription.pluginFormatName;
                    replacerProcessor->pluginManufacturer       = description.pluginDescription.manufacturerName;
                    replacerProcessor->pluginCategory           = description.pluginDescription.category;
                    replacerProcessor->pluginFileOrIdentifier   = description.pluginDescription.fileOrIdentifier;

There’s a way to do it?

Check replacerProcessor actually looks like a valid pointer address?

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I were right… I was miss a stupid thing :see_no_evil: really thank you!