Tutorials question


I'm a bit confused by the following in the tutorials section. I believe I'm not placeing this variable in the correct location.


~~Pass control information to the processor class We now have an control that we can adjust, but that doesn’t actually control anything. We need to intercept the incoming MIDI data and replace the note on volume with the volume of our slider, and this is done in the processor. In order to get the slider value to control the MIDI effect on the processor thread we need to create a new variable on the processor thread that we can use the slider to change. Create a new public float variable called noteOnVel in the processor class header. This is the variable that we will set with the slider.


float noteOnVel;


Am I to place this in the pluginprocessor.h file? It doesn't appear to be working out for me.

please use link:


Thanks for your assistance.


Sorry for the post this has been resolved. Thanks.

It's good to get feedback on these things, so thank you for your input!

If you have any suggestions on how we might make things better, do let us know.