Cannot compile plug-in standalone in 4.2


I am in the process of upgrading an audio plug-in from JUCE v4.1 to v4.2. The VST2 and LV2 plug-ins now compile, but when I try to compile the standalone using g++ 4.8.4 on Linux Mint, I get this error:

In file included from ../../../Source/common/widget/plugin_standalone.h:31:0,
                 from ../../../Source/standalone_application.h:30,
                 from ../../../Source/main.cpp:29:
../../../libraries/juce/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/Standalone/juce_StandaloneFilterWindow.h: In member function ‘virtual void StandalonePluginHolder::createPlugin()’:
../../../libraries/juce/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/Standalone/juce_StandaloneFilterWindow.h:77:21: error: ‘::createPluginFilterOfType’ has not been declared
         processor = ::createPluginFilterOfType (AudioProcessor::wrapperType_Standalone);
In file included from ../../../Source/main.cpp:29:0:
../../../Source/standalone_application.h: At global scope:
../../../Source/standalone_application.h:35:1: error: expected class-name before ‘{’ token
make[1]: *** [../../../bin/intermediate_linux/standalone_stereo_debug/x64/main.o] Error 1
make: *** [kmeter_standalone_stereo] Error 2

It looks like “juce_StandaloneFilterWindow.h” is missing some includes, or do you think the problem lies elsewhere?

BTW, I am using premake to create custom make files, and ProJucer only helps me in setting up the files in “JuceLibraryCode”.

Thanks for any help!


Maybe the the standalone filter wrapper needs updating? Instinctively I thought I would simply search the JUCE docs and find out, that’s not possible, which makes them pretty hard to navigate. Anyhow, bottom line is I don’t know. :confused:

Thanks for taking the time to answer! I solved this by using JuceLibraryCode/juce_audio_plugin_client_Standalone.cpp directly. This is a much cleaner solution, anyway… :slight_smile: