Cannot generate AUv3

New to Juce, been developing AUv3 plugins on iOS for some time now.

I’m trying to create an auv3 for Mac using Juce. Following this:
I set the project up in the projucer, selecting auv3 as a destination. I input all my info instead of using the default stuff. Manufacturer code is 4 characters, contains an uppercase, plugin subtype is legit, 4 characters.

When I get the Xcode project, I build it, everything goes fine, it opens up logic, but there is no plugin.

Am I missing something obvious?

Other notes: If I also have it output a regular AU, I do get the component in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components. This still doesn’t show up in Logic or AU Validation tool.

Just AUv3 seems to not be working.

Thanks y’all