AUv3 not showing up in iOS simulator/device


I have an au plugin that works fine for Mac. I’m now trying to port it to iOS as an auv3 audio extension. I build the XCode project from projucer, sign it, and build. It successfully builds and launches auv3host in the simulator, but my au does not show up. I’ve also tried it on my iPad in auv3host, garageband, and audiobus. In all 3 places, again, my au does not show up.

Are there additional steps in XCode that I need to take after exporting from Projucer?

Mac 10.13.5
iOS 11.4
XCode 9.4.1


Did you give it a MIDI input? In most hosts (definitely the three you mentioned) a plugin with a MIDI input will not show up unless it is an instrument, or you are targeting iOS 11.

I would suggest installing AUM, in any event. It is the most comprehensive AUv3 host on iOS, and allows all possible features. This will at least rule out your build chain.

I would also suggest making sure the standalone works first; this is easier to debug, and it’s required for the AUv3 in any event.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried with and without MIDI input, I’m targeting iOS 11, I’ve successfully built the standalone, and tried AUM. It just doesn’t show up.


Have you tried actually running the standalone (and then closing at reopening the host)? Have you changed the bundle IDs from the Projucer defaults?


Does JUCE’s AUv3SynthPluginDemo example show up?


Tried AUv3Synth and it did show up. So I compared their projucer settings. My plugin’s Plugin Code was all lowercase. Noticed the info about needing at least one uppercase letter. Fixed. Thanks t0m.