Getting started with AUv3 plugins on iOS?

I have created a couple of plugins that run successfully as VST3, AU and AAX.
Now I would like to try them out as AUv3 on iOS.

I enabled AUv3 in Projucer and exported the project to Xcode.
The project seems to build without problems.
But how do I run it on my device or simulator? I can’t find that option in Xcode… In Destinations I only see Mac (Rosetta and native), regardless if I have my iPad connected or have a simulator running.

Some pointers to resources about this would be highly appreciated, as there doesn’t seem to be any mentions of this in the JUCE tutorials?

Also, is it possible to create a standalone iOS app from the audio plugin project?

You build the “Standalone Plugin” target, and this is what gets copied to your iPad.

Thanks, I can build the Standalone Plugin and run it on my Mac, but how do I copy it to my iPad (which is connected to my Mac via USB-cable) or run it in the simulator?

Did you add the “Xcode (iOS)” exporter to Projucer under Exporters? Then select that exporter to open the project in Xcode. You can’t use the “Xcode (mac)” exporter for this.

Ah, that’s it! I didn’t realize that it was a separate exporter… Thanks!

Now it seems I have to navigate the jungle of certificates and provisioning profiles, but at least I’m one step further along now. :slight_smile:

Fill in the “Development Team ID” in Projucer in the Xcode (iOS) exporter. You can find this ID in Keychain Access, under your development certificate, under Organizational Unit.