Projucer: separate AUv3 for iOS from Mac OS

In the plugin format list I have selected AUv3 because I need it for iOS but I don’t want to include an AUv3 of the plugin for Mac OS. Unfortunately, the selection affects both the iOS and the Mac OS exporters. What’s the solution? Should I have two separate copies of the projucer file?
How do I exclude the AUv3 plugin for Mac OS?

Also, I’ve noticed that Logic/Mainstage gives priority to the AUv3 even if the .component file is installed in the library, this leads to confusion because apparently the AUv3 runs sandboxed and doesn’t share files with other formats (AU, VST3, VST).

Yet another Apple headache…

Another reason for auv3 on iOS only is if you want to target pre-10.11 on macOS.

Also, at least in my case, I simply pack the auv2 component in the installer rather than both.

Anyway, I think you’ll be able to manage this with Cmake. But that means transition from projucer.

Maybe my original post wasn’t clear enough…

What I want is:

  • Standalone + AU (v2) for macOS
  • Standalone + AUv3 for iOS

So I select both AU and AUv3 as plugin formats.

I have two Xcode exporters, macOS and iOS, and in both cases the Xcode adds the AUv3 .appex, which I only want for the iOS exporter, not for the macOS exporter.

How do I tell the Projucer to not create the AUv3 appex for macOS?