Should there be an AU/AUv3 Project in Visual Studio?

Hey all, got a general question about AU/AUv3! Any discussion will be helpful here, since I don’t have MacOS, so I don’t really know what to expect on that end.

I know that VST3 will run fine as a plugin for MacOS, but I did want the equivalent of a Standalone .exe for MacOS, which I think is supposed to be AU/AUv3 (and not .app/.dmg)? That being said, I included it as a plugin format in Projucer, expecting it to make a Visual Studio project like it did for VST3 and Standalone, but I do not see anything of the sort:

The only other thing I could think of is that it also produces a .au/.au3/.app/.dmg file somewhere in the Builds folder, but I’m not finding anything there either. I’m also not able to find any documentation on what I should expect, so if somebody knows where that is and can send a link, that would be great!

Thank you all for helping out, as always!

Simple answer: No.

On the Mac, a standalone is .app (the equivalent of Windows .exe).

AU/AUv3 is a Mac only plugin format, and can only be built on a Mac.

And in order to create a standalone for MacOS, you need to build on a Mac. Can’t be built on Windows.

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Well, you could use pamplejuce to build for it …


Also, a Windows VST3 will not run on macOS either. You’ll need to build a macOS VST3 as well (on a Mac).

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