How to create AU in Windows

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I am trying to create my first audio plug in with example code. I have chosen the AU and VST 3 in Project then I opened the project in Visual Studio 2019. After compiling successfully i could find the VST3 file in “Visual Studio 2019” file. But i couldn’t see the AU file. As far as i know the AU files must end with .au extension. But i only have these ones in “MacOSX” file…


There are no AU compatible hosts for Windows, so you can’t.

You need to run macOs and Xcode to build plugins compatible with macOs. (Including VST plugins, not just AU ones.)

Oh I see :slight_smile: now it makes sense :slight_smile: thank you

Another thing, looks like i cannot create “.dll” files(which are vst files as far as i know) in JUCE. it creates “.vst3” files and i couldn’t find a free DAW program to test a vst3 plug-in. I downloaded some softwares (audacity, zynewave podium free) but they don’t accept “.vst3” . All plug-ins are in “.dll” format . Is it possible to create a “.dll” in juice? is it deprecated ? Could you please suggest me a DAW program or any software that i can test my “.vst3” plug-ins ?

There is AudioPluginHost in JUCE, which can hosts VST3 plugins. You can build it using one of the sets of build files under extras/AudioPluginHost/Builds.

Thank you so much. I tried it(and had some problems,i am still working on it.) but i want to see it working in ordinary software. And “.dll” and “.vst3” files are bit confusing for me now. Can’t JUCE create .dll files anymore ?

.vst3 binaries are obviously VST3 plugins. VST2 plugins are built into files with the .dll extension.

VST2 plugins are still technically supported by Juce but with the following caveats :

  • You need to obtain the needed .h files from somewhere yourself, they are no longer officially distributed by Steinberg. Roli/Juce no longer provides those files in the current Juce source code tree.
  • If you are a new developer who didn’t apply for the VST2 license last year (2018) from Steinberg, you are not allowed to distribute VST2 plugins (or hosts) publicly.

I use Reaper personally. Not technically free, but it does have an unlimited free trial and it has all the major features you’d expect to find in a DAW.
It also doesn’t take forever to boot up unlike some DAWs so it’s great for debugging plug-ins.

i tried it but even though i put the vst3 file in the appdata/roaming/reaper/user plugins folder. it couldn’t find it. i also tried to drag and drop it on to Reaper but a window poped up saying “error couldn’t inserted”. i managed to run Projucer’s audio plugin host to make it work. i can see my plugin working in it. i can open the window there but i still couldn’t manage to make it work in a DAW yet.

You should not put VST2 or VST3 plugins in Reaper’s UserPlugins folder, that is meant for Reaper’s own extension plugins.

The standard location for VST3 plugins on Windows is Program Files/Common Files/VST3

All softwares that i downloaded support “.dll”. Till this point i couldn’t manage to insert the vst3 files to a DAW. Since i am just a beginner it is better if i stay away from additional features and stick to current version.

If you are a new developer, you unfortunately must learn how to deal with VST3 plugins, if your intention is to distribute/sell your plugins for other people.

finally Reaper has found it.

Looks like it is going to be a long journey.

Thank you all for being patient to me :slight_smile:

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