Building AU in Visual Studio 2012?


What do I need to build AU in VS2012? JUCE, straight outta box and just choosing the “build AU” from the configuration of audio plugin will build just some .dll, and I checked that MAC AU’s are .component folders including lots of stuff inside them, so, it seems not to work at all? No errors, compilation goes “ok” AFAIK.

Short answer:
You can’t build AUs under Windows because it’s an Apple-specific plugin format.

Long Answer:
Checking the “build AU” box in the Projucer will only actually generate build targets and compile AUs on platforms which support them, i.e. macOS/iOS.

In other words, when the Projucer exports for VS, it will only create targets for plugin formats which can be compiled under Windows with the SDKs it can find - VST2/3 (your output .dll is a VST2 plugin), RTAS, etc. Under macOS it will compile these + AUs since you checked the AU checkbox and you’re compiling on an Apple platform targeting an Apple platform.

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Thank you! Ok, So, I’ll have to start looking for a mac then … :slight_smile: Or maybe… a Virtual machine on my computer, if it’d run…

That would of course be illegal. Because Apple is Apple.

I should’ve figured that out! :sweat_smile: