Issues finding installed AUV3 plugins with AudioPluginHost Example on ios16


I’ve been playing with and modifying the audioPluginHost example for a while now and all was working fine on my ios15 devices. When I try to run it on ios16 devices the host isn’t able to find any of my installed AUV3 devices, only the native ios ones. I’ve tried to open another host (garageband, loopy pro, AUM) to loadup the AUV3 instances, as is recommended in other forum posts, but it has no impact on the plugins the JUCE example app is able to find. I’ve also made sure to run a fresh unedited instance of the example with JUCE 7.05 and the issue persists.

Any guidance in capturing the list installed AUV3’s would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not sure why this has just started happening now, but I’m also seeing the same behaviour on iOS 16. Adding the inter-app-audio entitlement seems to allow the AudioPluginHost to discover third-party AUv3 plug-ins.

This has been discussed previously on the forum, but none of the team has been able to reproduce the problem until now:

I’ll update the Projucer and CMake so that this entitlement is automatically added for iOS AU hosts.

We now request the IAA entitlement for AU host apps on iOS:

This fixed the issues I was seeing on my iOS 16.3 device. Please try out the change and let us know if you run into further problems.

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