Cannot open file "jucelib_static_debug.lib"

Well I edited out the errors in my CODE, but now I’m getting this one in the linking process.

Fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file “jucelib_static_debug.lib”

(No I’m not actually done with all the audio algorithmicasizing, but that’s topics for other forums!)

I am using VC5 (not 2005!), in case that’s pure evil. I did have to edit out __forceinline and one of the array functions (since the type was variable, it couldn’t match it to ‘!= 0’ and caused a fatality).

Other than that, Jucer COMPILES in VC5 but doesn’t link.

It’s a pretty straightforward error - it can’t find that juce library file.

That could be because you’ve not compiled the juce project, or you’ve compiled a different configuration of it, or you’ve not set up your library path so it can find it. This is all explained in the juce readme.html file.

OK sorry I hadn’t RTFM and didn’t compile that file, and now can’t do it - looks like time to try VC Express.

VC6 and earlier (including VC5) are some of the worst commercial C++ compilers in existence, get away from them…

Worst in what ways?

(Remeber this isn’t a forum for bashing Microsoft, though sinister one-liners are always fun!)

What gets results, as far as VST plugins?

VC5 is just what I had in the archives (my dad’s house), it said “Professional” so I was hoping it might oh say be better than freeware!

VC5 is ancient history, and I seem to remember it being pretty awful. VC6 is good though, and I still use it occasionally.

Actually non-microsoft freeware is better then VC5/6.

But VC7.1+ can compile near any fully compliant code that I know of, whereas many other’s cannot.

VC5/6 have broken templates, broken for scope (can be overriden in later versions, which I do), could not compile large files, the stl in it sucked beyond all freakin heck, etc…

For free on Windows, use VC8Express. For anywhere else use GCC. Code::Blocks + VC Toolkit I’ve heard good things about, but most people have forsaken it since VC8Express has been out.

For now I’ll try VCExpress, if that’s not good enough I’ll either upgrade ($165 to $200 to 2005 Standard) or try the other freebs.

VCExpress; 0 dollars 0 errors 1 warning (about AudioCDReader, which I don’t plan to implement).

Now I just need a degree in audio math!