Can't find extras/audio plugin host


My name is Rick Reynolds.

Sorry to be so long winded, but by way of introduction...

I am completely new to Juce but have been a C++, among other languages, developer for many years. I just started working with Juce a few days ago. I am also an amateur musician and have long been interested in moving into DSP, MIDI, and now VST, application development. With the advent of the new year and acquisition of a new Surface Pro 4 I've decided to do this. smiley

I recently started researching how best to get started in this endeavor and this is what has lead me to Juce. And so far I really like the framework. And the company attitude I perceive from the web site. Especially the coding standards pages.

What I've accomplished so far:

  • Built the Stereo Width Control plugin from this tutorial -       I worked through the tutorial using VS 2015 Community edition.
  • I've started the Juce "Tutorial: Write and audio plug-in" tutorial referenced on the main page of the Juce site. The tutorial is at this link -
  • Done a huge amount of reading and research.

As for my question... In working through the tutorial it references building the Audio Plugin Host application. It's supposed to be available in the juce/extras/ folder but I can't find it. I am working with Juce version 4.1. Is this utility no longer available in 4.1, and is there another debugger available? I hope I haven't missed something obvious and will try to keep future posts more to the point.


ddid you check here:

I did check the juce github under the extras folder, but not under the examples folder. And apparently it is in the examples folder of the 4.1 install as well.


Sorry about that. And thanks for the info matkamusic.

Erm, did you check the examples folder?

[edit](sorry RWR, missed you post)

No problem... lol...

I was just going through the tutorial and looked where it referenced. I called my self searching, at least in the forums, for some reference to it. But I never looked in the examples to begin with.

Thanks for the reply Dub.

This post was helpful.

Just in case there's someone responsible for it reading these messages, the page that was the cause of the confusion in my case is:

just search for 'extras/audio plugin host/' to find the issue.