Beginners teething troubles!


I'm trying to get my first Juce plugin working according to the "Create a basic Audio/MIDI plugin Part 1: Setting up" tutorial but i'm stumbling at the first hurdle.


According to the tutorial:

"Thankfully, JUCE makes that easy, with a built-in plug-in host. To access the host go to extras/audio plugin host/ and open the .jucer file with the Introjucer. Click on "XCode (MacOSX)" on the left hand side and update the "VST Folder" and "VST3 Folder" fields to point at your downloaded VST SDK."

However, i don't see and folder structure  "extras/audio plugin host" in the Juce folder, these are the files / folders i see:


Any ideas?!

Thanks! .......D


OK, so i think i got to the next step (it was in "examples" folder).

So i opened that file in Introjucer (but got an error saying it's an older version or something), i followed the steps, and now i see the following files:


Plugin Host.sdf
Plugin Host.sln
Plugin Host.vcxproj
Plugin Host.vcxproj.filters


But from the tutorial it says: 

Run the application and you will see the graphical node editor that looks like this:

I don't understand that. How do i run the application? None of those files is an .exe


Sorry for being such a total noob! 

Take a look inside that Debug folder, it should contain the executable :)

You can also run it from within Visual Studio my clicking the green arrow that says "Local Windows Debugger" next to it.