Can't find Sliderattachement in Scopedpointer


my name is Thomas, i am new here and new to programmation

I have a question,

I am trying to make my first plugin, and i want to make a
ScopedPointer< AudioProcessorValueTreeState> with a SliderAttachement, but it seems like it doesn’t exist…

Does anyone has a solution ???

Also i am using the basic version of JUCE, with Xcode on MacOS

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas!

Reading your question it seems that you are highly motivated but could need some help for a more structured start. What are your current learning resources? As you mention the ScopedPointer I get the impression that those resources might be a bit outdated, as the ScopedPointer class has been deprecated some years ago and therefore should not be used for new projects.
A good source for up to date learning resources are the official JUCE tutorials. There you also find an AudioProcessorValueTree related tutorial that shows you how to correctly set up an AudioProcessorValueTreeState and how to use the SliderAttachement class.

Does this help you?

Oh thanks a lot PluginPenguin for this precious information, i’ll try with the JUCE tutorials then.

Its was this video at around 24:10 a simple distortion plug in, the video is already two years old haha.

Again, thanks a lot !

Glad I could help. As you mentioned the video, if you prefer that way of learning (I personally prefer reading tutorials more, but that might be simply a matter of taste), you might want to take a look at @JoshuaHodge’s youtube channel The Audio Programmer.

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