Can't link with stock IntroJucer project

When I create an IntroJucer project with a few sources and try to build on Linux I get link errors. Stuff like snd_ctl_open, XCursor / XFree,

It seems that the linker flags are not being set. I know that I have all the libraries installed (via sudo apt-get, et. al.). How do I get IntroJucer to add them?

If you’ve included the correct modules, then it should automatically add the right libs. Have you looked in the makefile to see if it’s doing it?

Yes, and it is. I was looking in the “additional linker flags” edit box of the Linux target and expecting it to get pre-filled but that’s not how it works (it inserts it directly into the Makefile). I was able to copy the link flags out of my Makefile and paste them into the real IntroJucer project (which uses the amalgamation and therefore does not automatically set the link flags), and get the thing to link.