Can't parse XML File

I’ve a number of XML files from a non-JUCE project I need to parse to eventually be ValueTrees. The final line of the below code gives me an EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION error. Checking the file exists using existsAsFile and getFullPath both show me they’re correct. Here is the XML file causing me problems:!AowcgVhEHioNgYxrrg3uH53FJYdjzw

File definition (directory.findChildFiles (File::TypesOfFileToFind::findFiles, true, "*.xml").getFirst());
XmlDocument myDocument (definition);
auto temp = myDocument.getDocumentElement();

Can you double check a few things?

a) add a print of the content: DBG (definition.loadFileAsString());
b) step in the debugger into getDocumentElement()… where exactly does it crash?

Good luck

The XmlDocument would crash once it reached the end of the function call. Making the XmlDocument a pointer seemed to have fixed the issue. Thanks :slight_smile: