Does anyone konw why it is wrong when I use the xmlElement and get the wrong message as following?

The wrong message is :An exception was raised: read access privilege conflict , this is 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me the reason.

You’re dereferencing that which must not be dereferenced, but there’s not much to go on in this picture. An example of your code which uses XmlElement, and a screenshot of the ‘Call Stack’ pane when the error occurs would be more helpful.

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See also the debugger memory patterns:

I am missing 0xFFFFFFFF in this list, but I think it is the nullptr. It is not the member item, but the this itself, so you are accessing the operator of a nullptr.

To trace these kind of errors, like @reuk mentioned, the call stack is the place to inspect, and move the list step by step out, the offender is usually some levels out in the list (in sort order move to the line below).
Most likely you end up at some point at code, that you could be familiar with.

Ok, thank you, I will check the node more carefully.
By the way, how can I open the xmlDocument which exists like this: 1
I want to use the xmlElements last time I saved, but don’t know how to load it from the file.
Thanks in advance.

Thank you so much.
I am checking my code to find the reason.:slightly_smiling_face:

This problem has solved.:grinning: