Can't run demorunner Android Studio 3.1.3

Hi, after updating to 3.1.3 the demorunner project (and my own projects) can no longer be run:

Seems like AS doesn’t like armeabi anymore. It needs to be at least armeabi-v7a now. I’ve changed the default in the Projucer last Friday. You need to rebuild the Projucer.

Hi, i’d already updated mine to use the armeabi-v7a version so that AS stopped complaining about that. Still ended up with the above dialog tho.

Does it still happen if you sync your project with gradle files? I’ve setup for myself a shortcut to do this.

i removed my .idea folder and started from scratch

I can’t reproduce this either. What architecture does your target device have?

I’ve also just pushed some changes which remove any reference armeabi in JUCE and updated the gradle version to 3.1.3.

thx - i’ll pull and rebuild and then update. thx

Hi, re-pulled and rebuilt everything and all good now on demorunner. will check my own projects. thx

all my own projects building/running ok now aswell. thx