Can't seem to find where in the DrawableButton LookAndFeel code it uses the Image

Hey, I’ve been digging through the source code, went into the typical LookAndFeel class to draw my own implementation of the standard code. For some reason, I can’t seem to find where it actually deals with the Image that has been set with the setImages() function.

I’ve copied the code from the LookAndFeel_V2 class below. I tried looking into the paintButton() function that is part of the DrawableButton base class as well, but no luck. Just trying to get the exact dimensions of the Image so I can edit the text sizes, as well as the actual dimensions of the Image. Source code below:

   void LookAndFeel_V2::drawDrawableButton (Graphics& g, DrawableButton& button,
                                         bool /*shouldDrawButtonAsHighlighted*/, bool /*shouldDrawButtonAsDown*/)
    bool toggleState = button.getToggleState();

    g.fillAll (button.findColour (toggleState ? DrawableButton::backgroundOnColourId
                                              : DrawableButton::backgroundColourId));

    const int textH = (button.getStyle() == DrawableButton::ImageAboveTextLabel)
                        ? jmin (16, button.proportionOfHeight (0.25f))
                        : 0;

    if (textH > 0)
        g.setFont ((float) textH);

        g.setColour (button.findColour (toggleState ? DrawableButton::textColourOnId
                                                    : DrawableButton::textColourId)
                        .withMultipliedAlpha (button.isEnabled() ? 1.0f : 0.4f));

        g.drawFittedText (button.getButtonText(),
                          2, button.getHeight() - textH - 1,
                          button.getWidth() - 4, textH,
                          Justification::centred, 1);