Can't use keyboard to choose items in an editable combobox

Hi all,

If you have a non-editable combobox (one without a text editor), you can tab to it and use the up/down arrow keys to select the prev/next item without having to open the dropdown menu.

However, if your combobox is editable, and its text editor is currently open, you can’t use the up/down arrow keys to do that. FWIW, Windows editable comboboxes do it. I’d expect juce::ComboBox to behave similarly to native comboboxes in that regard.

As a side note, there are accessibility issues too. If the combobox text editor is currently shown, you first have to hit Enter to close it, and then hit Enter again to open the dropdown menu. I think that’s probably OK, but once you’ve selected a menu item (or hit Escape), there’s no way to open the text editor again using the keyboard, at least not without tabbing away and back again. It’s a bit clunky and not particularly accessible.

I’d appreciate some juce::ComboBox improvements in these areas, please!

Many thanks!
Ben Staton

I’m not sure we want to change the default behaviour to match the Windows combo boxes since this has been the default JUCE behaviour for a long time and it’d be a silent change.

OK, thanks for letting me know @ed95. Thought it was worth asking. I can dig in and implement it if necessary.