Combobox regression?

just did long-time overdue migration of ancient 1.44 to the trunk and all’s working fine so far - backward compatibility is great!

just one little thing: the combobox does not iterate through items any longer when you press up/down keys (in collapsed state that is).

you can easily reproduce using the Juce demo : select Paths & Transforms demo and click on the first combo (make sure it stays collapsed). Then press up/down keys : in 1.44 the combo changes the item whereas with the trunk version it does not respond to the cursor keys

Yes, it does still respond to the keys. The demo just doesn’t allow the box to get keyboard focus, that’s all. Can’t remember why it doesn’t focus, but it must just be turned off somewhere.

thx for your quick reply Jules!

following your hint I got it working by calling

on the combo.

probably the default changed between versions then. Anyhow, consider my problem fixed!