Capturing "Cmd + ." key press combo

I’d like to be able to detect when the user has pressed the key combo ‘Cmd + .’ (Command + Period Key) on macOs. I have the appropriate key/modifier handlers and am capturing other key combos such as ‘Cmd + G’ etc.

As I understand it, ‘Cmd + .’ is a macOs system key command combo that equates to the escape key being pressed. If I press a similar combo ‘Cmd + ,’ and set a breakpoint in my keyPressed handler, I can see that the call stack goes all the way back to:

juce::JuceNSViewClass::keyDown(objc_object*, objc_selector*, NSEvent*) at

Which is where the JUCE api handles the keyDown message from the macOs system.

If I place a breakpoint there, and press the combo ‘Cmd + .’ then it never hits the breakpoint, so it looks like I may be out of luck!

Is there some system event (like “applicationShouldTerminate” for ‘Cmd + Q’) that this combo could equate too, so that I can handle it in the JUCE api and pass it on to my application code?