Change size of BubbleComponent for Slider

When activating Slider::setPopupDisplayEnabled(), a hovering value display appears when the Slider is being used. I’ve successfully styled and positioned it with a custom LookAndFeel_V4. However the problem remains, that I need to resize the bubble, as well as change the font and color.

I tried overriding the behaviour, but most of what is needed sits in juce::SliderPimpl as opposed to the slider itself, which I cannot override.

Hopefully I’m just missing a very basic point here? :slightly_smiling_face:

Upon further research, I came across this feature request:

So I guess I’m on my own.

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+1 Having more personalisation options on the Slider’s BubbleComponent would be amazing! Currently the best option to me seems to create a custom Component from scratch that behaves like JUCE’s BubbleComponent (not too challenging but still).