Slider::setPopupDisplayEnabled Popup position


1) Is there a way to customise the slider popup bubble position?

2) Is there a way to hide the pointing arrow of the bubble?




For (1) see:

For (2) try LookAndFeel_V2::drawBubble()



Big thanks for the quick response!


Should I do the modifications (position and bubble tip removal) inside my override of Slider::mouseDown?, I'm inheriting from Slider to make my own custom based knobs.





No, you’d create a subclass of the LookAndFeel class and override the methods you require… Then attach that L&F class to your Slider object… Check out the JUCE demo.




I created a new AlternateLookAndFeel class inheriting from LookAndFeel_V2 inside my PluginEditor class.

Then I override inside this new Look and Feel class:

Font getSliderPopupFont (Slider&)
int getSliderPopupPlacement (Slider&)
void drawBubble(Graphics& g, BubbleComponent& comp, const Point<float>& tip, const juce::Rectangle<float>& body)

to customise each thing as needed.


Thanks Rail!