Change the order of dsp::FFT at runtime

Hi there,
In the plugin I’m working on I’m able to select from different FFTSizes. So far I’ve used PFFFT and used suspendProcessing() when switching so I’m able to re-init. Now I want to compare to the JUCE FFT, and it would be so much easier if I wouldn’t have to create an object for each size. Also I could spare some memory this way. Any Ideas?

Hello !

It is impossible to change the size of the dsp::FFT class object once it has been instancied. However, nothing prevents you from using a ScopedPointer<dsp::FFT> and reset it to change its size when necessary (in a thread-safe way of course like what I did in the dsp::Convolution class)

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Alright, got it! Thanks for pointing me to the Convolution class :wink: