Change to SharedCode module in VS?

Hi, started getting lots of multiple definitions in the last few days which may coincide with pulling the latest Projucer. I’ve also updated VS to the latest version so I guess this could also be the issue.

Anyway - it seems that both the shared code and the targets both depend on any external libraries that are linked in which is causing multiple links to be done, one by the librarian for the shared code and one for the final link.

Is this a new (intentional) change as it also seems to be confusing VS somewhat, with me having to do 2 build cycles to get a clean build. Removing the library from the dependencies in the sharedcode module resolves my issues.

Could this have something to do with this commit? I think the Projucer now uses a global setting to check if LTO should be enabled.

sounds like a possibility - where is the global option?

They are still in the Debug/Release configurations of each exporter but have all been renamed to “Link-tTime Optimisation”.

The flag doesn’t seem to have any effect - I’ve taken to just deleting the library from the shared code librarian - it only needs to be linked once so this is superfluous.