Changing Host Track Parameters from VST 3

I wonder how the Softube Console 1 controls DAW track parameters such as volume, pan and sends e.g. in Ableton Live? Console 1 is not set up as a control surface (I also don’t see any Softube/Console 1 MIDI remote scripts in my Ableton Live installation).

As far as I know, the Console 1 plugin is responsible for all interaction with the DAW. I know that VST 3 plugins can obtain track numbers, names and colour from the host - but to my knowledge they cannot change mixer settings in the DAW??!

I’m really curious about how this works…

From the release notes of Live 10.1.9 (Live 10 Release Notes | Ableton):

VST3 plugins can now use the PreSonus VST extensions to observe the name and index of the track they are on and to control Live’s track volume, pan, mute, solo and sends. This support has been developed and tested against Softube’s Console One plugin but will also work with other plugins that implement the extensions.

You can find the PreSonus extensions here: Developer | PreSonus Software

This is really hidden.
Good you’ve mentioned it here on the forum. googling this has no results.

Would be nice to know which hosts support PreSonus VST extensions (IContextInfoProvider2).

(focusing on VST3 as VST2 is pretty much deprecated)

For now I’m aware of:

  • Studio One 3.2 or newer
  • Ableton Live 10.1.9 or newer
  • REAPER 5.5 or newer

If anyone aware of more hosts, it’ll be nice to add this here.

Great info… thanks!

Hi Guys,

Has anyone got IContextInfoProvider and IContextInfoProvider2 to work with any DAW, even Studio 1 doesn’t query for them!



IContextInfoProvider is implemented by the host, rather than by the plugin. The plugin can retrieve the host’s IContextInfoProvider by querying the IComponentHandler pointer.

The plugin should implement IContextInfoHandler as an extension of IEditController, and hosts that support the extension should check for that.

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Thanks @reuk

I have got totally the wrong end of the stick then :slight_smile:

Is there any juice example code anywhere for this?

Many thanks


No, there’s no JUCE examples for this specifically. To implement IContextInfoHandler in the plugin, you may need to modify JUCE’s VST3 wrapper code.

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I have just found I actually already have this code for notifyContextInfoChange(), jeez.

I will now try making some calls the other way.

Thanks for the pointers :slight_smile: