Changing the VS 2015 IDE Edition Path in Projucer

I’m coming from years of usage in Delphi so I’m not sure if this is a JUCE or VS 2015 environment question…

I previously had the VS 2015 Community trial installed and it expired. Not thinking too clearly, or realizing it was still there, I installed 2015 Express for Desktop. Everything is installed and I have all my SDKs setup… JUCE projects compiling with little to no issues. (kudos … seriously)

The problem I’m currently experiencing is that when I choose the open in IDE options from Projucer it’s trying to load the Community edition and not the Express. I can’t seem to determine how JUCE determines which IDE to launch.

At the moment I assume it’s just launching the .sln by association but before I start changing around a perfectly functioning IDE I thought I’d ask if I’m missing something obvious.

Any feedback is appreciated!


I read up a little on this and when I looked at the associations my sln files were set to use the Microsoft Visual Studio Chooser … I can’t 100% back this up but in some cases it appears that if the .sln isn’t formatted properly (missing bytes in the sln) then the chooser doesn’t know which way to go. The sln was built by Projucer so I just re-associated the file with 2015 Express for now and all is well.

Here is a link related to what I think might be the issue.

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