Child VST automation not working. (graph automation)

Jules, not sure how this works, but my child VST automation is not been processed by the main VST. How does Juce handles automation when you add a second VST using graph? Anything else I need to do? :oops:

Thanks. Wk

Maybe I need to write a bit more.

Here’s the deal, I’m using graph to add multiple VSTs inside a VST. In this case, its Wusik Station V6, which let you load multiple Wusik Station Child VSTs inside a main VST. Everything is working, the graph class is really great. The only problem is that when you change a parameter on a child graph VST, how can I get the main VST to know about this change, and tell the host that one of those parameters changed, for automation process?

I’m sure its some sort of addListener thing, but I couldn’t figure things out myself. :oops: :expressionless:

The object I’m using is the AudioProcessorGraph one.

VST loads, inside it, we have AudioProcessorGraph graph which holds the child VSTs.

Each child VST handles the automation correctly, since I can load a child VST in a host and automation will work correctly.

My question now is how to handle this inside the graph class. I’m already using my own AudioProcessorGraphEX class, which derivates from the AudioProcessorGraph class. As I added a few extras to the class.

Thanks again. 8)